Consulting & Management

My name is Eric Schöne, and I combine passion with expertise in real estate management.

I am a researcher, freelance business consultant, interim manager and founder of companies. I am also a chartered research surveyor of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and a member of the Mensa association in Germany for highly gifted people. My intellectual giftedness makes it possible for me to create unconventional solutions to complex challenges, both in real estate management and in a variety of other projects. I live and work in Dresden as well as from my offices in Berlin and Cologne. During my 15 years of professional experience, I have worked as an expert, project manager and managing director – alone and in multifunctional teams – on various projects, in numerous companies and for a variety of clients. My work is focused on the complex processes of commercial property management, and on research and development in real estate informatics. Today I am a consultant, manager and entrepreneur in the real estate industry.

Here you will find an overview of the services I offer individually as well as in close cooperation with a team of highly qualified specialists I have known and trusted for many years. The remaining areas provide information about our companies and investments, my research work, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the issues we are currently dealing with.

  • Services

    Services in property and facility management are far more than just cost drivers and necessary management aspects. The service provided for and at your properties is at the same time your extended arm and a showcase for your business. Intelligent orchestration of your real estate services increases user satisfaction and is your most important indicator of the condition of your real estate – it is the system that gives you your yield.

  • Complexity

    The complexity of real estate projects increases in direct relation to the volume of the project. The cost of managing complex situations is enormous – and important aspects are often not taken into account when under pressure from deadlines and budgets. I develop methods and systems for managing complex situations by drawing on innovative and creative techniques, very often also from other disciplines.

  • Organisation

    What is the logical sequence of steps to take? Which property-related service processes can be carried out in an automated manner and which should be kept as individual actions? How can structure and process organisation be intelligently documented in an organisational manual? And how does a learning organisation function? Systemic consideration and evaluation of processes and procedures is a special element in my portfolio of services. It essentially serves to reveal hidden resources in your business processes, so that energy can be redirected to value-adding and income-generating processes.

  • Management

    Complex properties and real estate projects require highly dynamic management. Interim management offers you flexible and needs-driven support with achieving your goals, bridging tight deadlines, as well as the implementation of complex projects, when you require expertise from time to time, or for purposes of representation. One particular form of interim management is the restructuring, reorientation or reorganisation of a company. With my highly specialised team and an extensive portfolio of methodology, I guide complex projects systematically and securely to targeted completion.

  • Communication

    Communication is essential in actively shaping and guiding the external perception and reputation of your project and your company. On the one hand, it serves to convey objectives and successes. On the other hand, communication must also be effective in turbulent times, where you may need to prevent a possible loss of trust or reputation when the message is not so good. I can assist you in getting your messages across in a targeted and successful manner, leaving you free to concentrate entirely on your core competencies.

  • Project Consulting

    You have a vision and a clear idea of what your project should look like, but are you sure that you have thought of everything? Have all the opportunities and risks been assessed? Have all resources been taken into account and have all the relevant persons been engaged? And what if the project moves in an unforeseen direction? What are the risks – and what is your Plan B? Let my team assist you with control and management of complex projects. This leaves you and your resources free to be entirely devoted to realising your vision.

  • Business models

    Faced with increasingly extensive and multi-faceted enquiries from customers, many companies are currently making a shift towards being full-service providers that offer a comprehensive range of services. If a company is to achieve service-oriented communication and establish long-term customer relationships, service enquiries must be competently and reliably processed and integrated into the value-added chain. By using existing potential and adding fewer new components, it is often possible to develop exciting new value-adding business models.

  • Planning & Control

    Planning and control of challenging projects cannot be solved through theoretical knowledge and variance analysis alone. For complex projects to work, the lines of communication must constantly be synchronised, and intelligently set indicators identified in the system early on. A key element of planning is making property-appropriate provision in risk management for processes and projects. Indicators and benchmarks offer a dynamic picture of a situation. I use systematic planning and control methods to assist you in confidently reaching your project objectives.

  • Representation

    Real estate companies and real estate projects are in the focus of people and the public. The project actors work in the area of conflict between highly concerted project work, deadline and cost pressure as well as project risks. The handover of representative tasks can relieve the project structure and promote the achievement of the project goals. A good representation from the middle of the company or the project team is both an enabler and a relieving filter. Representation helps the actors of the company and the team to concentrate on essential tasks.


Complex projects require creative management solutions.

I support you flexibly in process optimization, problem solving and strategic development of your commercial real estate projects.
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